Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Walkies

Well, today the weather was just so insanely beautiful (high of 78 degrees) we had to go for a walk after work. I took along my camera to snap a few pictures.

First...remember the Grape Galaxy Hellebore plant I bought last spring? Hellebore is supposed to bloom in late winter to early spring, so I was starting to worry I wouldn't see any blooms on it. Well, it surprised me today. And oh, how lovely!!!

We then went for a walk in our neighborhood. I noticed three crows cawing rather indignantly in a tree, and we stopped to watch them. Then Tom noticed and pointed out to me what they were so upset about...a gorgeous hawk was in the tree below them.

The hawk had found a squirrel for his supper, and the crows took turns dive-bombing him to try to steal it away. We stood and watched for several minutes before the hawk flew out of sight with the crows tailing him close behind.

I saw this little weed blooming in a brick wall on the way back to the house and had to snap a picture. Anyone know what this is? It's been all over the place the past week or so.


  1. Well, it was 86 here in Conway, SC today. But just 20 minutes away at the beach it was 79 which broke their record. We saw 4 American bald eagles over at the lake near us. Each pair was sitting in their nests--pretty awesome! Over the years we have occasionally seen one in this area, but never 4!! Then tonight some hawk flew by our window with a little bird in his talons--sad. The weed looks like a speedwell--look it up and see

  2. :D

    That is definitely speedwell, probably 'corn speedwell' a pretty common, pretty pretty weed!

    I remember I told you the hellebore weren't up the other day (or anything, for that matter,) but now they're blooming, and the tiny miniature daffodils I rescued from work and adorably blooming!! Yay! This week of 70 plus degree weather has brought up all the tulips, crocuses, hyacinth... I'm just waiting for hepatica! <3

  3. Nannykim and Linds, thanks for the identification! It's a lovely little bit o green :)