Friday, August 17, 2012

More New-ness at CCC

I just thought the entryway could use a little symmetry and Art Nouveau interest around the far doorway.  Hard to tell in the photos, but the flowers are the teal of the dining room to the right, and the burgundy that's prevalent in the living room at left. 

Also, a coincidentally combined effort of two dear friends with the same name.  One Bryony sent me a beautiful paper garland of William Morris leaves, which I draped over this Kinuko Craft print in the Dreaming Room.

The other Bryony sent me a yard and a half of beautiful William Morris print fabric, which mom helped me make into valances for the Dreaming Room today.


  1. Ooo you got some really nice things from your friends.

    I love the flowers in the hall, your right about the symmetry.

  2. All looks good. I adore that green!!!!!!!!!!!