Monday, March 25, 2013

The Twelve Dancing Princesses - Sketching Completed

Somethings done.

Something that I've been working on for a long time.

Well, ok, this phase of something is done....

The princesses....they are all sketched and on the wall.  I know the next phase is the hardest one: actually painting them directly on there...but allow me a moment to just soak in the enjoyment of this part being done.

Let me introduce them all to you.  Some you've met, some you haven't.

Princess Willemina

Princess Theodora

Princess Delphina

Princess Julia

Princess Petra

Princesses Gayle and Edith
Princess Jessica
Princess Cheyenne

Princess Adeline

Princess Alexandretta

and Princess Etienne
Princess Etienne close up
If Princess Etienne, the only princess alert and aware of her surroundings, looks familiar...well, she should.  I have always put myself in her shoes when I read the story, so I decided to reward myself for completing the set of twelve by making her a lookalike! 


  1. Oh, so exciting! I can't wait to see this finished. You've done a great job of giving the viewer a little glimpse of each of their personalities.

  2. Oh Grace they are MARVELOUS!! What exquisite, elusive, mysterious and magical beauties! Wow... Thank you for sharing and introducing them to us. Princess Etienne is my favourite, of course :D

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! I couldn't help myself. I know that's a lot of work and you did it! So good. So clever. And it's all so beautiful. I heart them.

  4. Wow!! Your drawings are formidable !!
    i am Alexandretta !! hihi!
    I can't wait to see them painted, but still, such an achievement!
    Hurray !
    I love that you self-portrayed! I can recognise you quite well !!

  5. I did immediately think Princess Etienne looked like you! How wonderful. I love the way you have drawn the clothes, I can imagine the richness of their dress. And the starlight background is so pretty. Minerva ~

  6. CHILLLLLLLLLLS! I kinda wondered if the last one would be you. :D I'm so proud of you! They are so beautiful. I can't wait to see how they all turn out in paint.

  7. Grace, thank you! I appreciate your seeing their personalities! :)

    Laura, yay! Thank you. She's mine too. :D

    Melinda, Bryony, thank you so much!

    Alexandra, we almost gave her your exact name!

    Minerva, I'm glad you saw the likeness! And thanks...the clothes were fun to do.

    Linds, know me too well!