Monday, July 7, 2014

Catty-Corner Cottage Garden Tour 2014

I had such a good time doing the video tour of the completed dining room, I thought it might be fun both for sharing and for keeping a record of do a video tour of my yard and garden this summer! 

A few screenshots from the video:


  1. Bravo on another delightful tour. What an oasis you and your husband must enjoy sitting on your patio in the cool of the evening. I love the unstructured-structure "English Country Garden" ambiance you have obviously worked hard to create. I especially enjoy in the way the beds pull the veiwer from one colorful tableau to the next. I kept expecting faeries to appear ;-)

    I salute anyone who is successful at gardening. Though born with a creative streak, I was most definitly passed over when it came to green thumbs--something you obviously have.

  2. Sunwolfe, thank you! We've enjoyed the patio table quite a few times already! And I'm so glad you acknowledge and appreciate the "look" I'm going for in the garden. :)