Monday, January 31, 2011

Paint Goes Up!

Yesterday, my friend Sheli came over to the house and spent five hours helping me paint our master bedroom and the upstairs full bath.

The master bedroom was originally a cool green-grey color, very neutral and expansive, but very chilly for my own taste, which runs more toward jewel-tones (as does my bedding). We bought Behr paint in the color "Peanut Butter", and I love how the resulting color showcases the hardwood floor (paint was still a little wet in picture 2)

We bought an extra gallon of paint for touch ups, and also so that I can get a small quantity of white paint, blend it with it, and do ghosted images of trees on the walls. I was inspired by Terri Windling's incredibly inspiring post about trees in bedrooms, and the walls of her former abode:

The second room we painted was the bathroom. It's extremely small, and I deliberated if I wanted to do a dark color in there because of the cramped quarters. But in the end, I decided that whether we painted the walls white or black, it wouldn't change how small the space was...and that a dark shade might actually be cocoon-like. So we went for Behr paint in the color Plum Shade.
I am considering doing some patterns (Moroccan, etc) in gold against the purple, and I'll be painting star patterns in gold on the alcove of the shower area ceiling. It should go well with our shower curtain (shown here in our old apartment)


  1. I love the colors you chose, especially for the bedroom! You make me want to grab some paint & a paintbrush & start painting our house!

  2. We painted our bathroom a most delicious deep purple and it is wonderfully decadent, just how a bathroom should be!
    I love the idea of faint tree silhouettes on the bedrooms walls too... your house is going to be gorgeous :)

  3. Love the paint colors you chose & your theme ideas sound awesome & will personalize the house & make it you! Dont get so caught up in trying to everything right away (which I know is hard) that u 4get 2 have fun w/it! Love u! ;)

  4. KK, Wait till you see it with the ghosted tree images painted over top!! I can't wait.

    Bryony, we have the shower curtain in there now, and it's so shimmery...the whole bathroom feels like a piece of magic. I'm thrilled!!

    Jazz, that's a good reminder, because I DO want to get everything done now! ;)