Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to Catty-Corner Cottage!

On January 28th, at dentist time ( dad is the king of puns and pointed this out to me), Tom and I closed on the purchase of our first home. We had been in the market to purchase a home for a couple of years, with me checking almost daily for new properties. Finally, in early December, a home flashed across my search that intrigued me heartily. We contacted a realtor recommended to us, and after a first walk through, we both knew that it was the place for us.

Allow me to introduce you to Catty-Corner Cottage, thus named because of its convenient location to so many things we love. It is right around the corner from the highway, from my workplace, from our gym, and from our grocery store we prefer. And, well, since our cat, Corvin, is the king of our household, we thought the name should also reflect him.

Catty-Corner Cottage is a 2 story Cape Cod home, built in 1935. The square footage is 1380, and it has 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bath. There is a lovely corner fireplace and a bay window in the living room. There are also hardwood floors throughout the entire house (save the kitchen and bathrooms). The first time I walked in, my mind went crazy with all of the little ways I could make this house sing with character. In this blog, I intend to show you the projects I have in mind so far, share progress as they begin to unfold, vent about the confusions and frustrations of owning a first home (as well as the joys) and share inspiration (pictures, projects) I find elsewhere.

A few pictures from the realtor listing of our home and our first walk through (not our furniture!):


  1. I could not wait; I had to come now....O.K., you hit the jackpot. What you are describing here is EXACTLY what happened to us when we first walked into our home.Grace, this is charming, heart-warming, and a fairytale come true!!! BRAVO! Back later...Anita

  2. Yay Anita! So glad you made it over here. I saw the gorgeous shots of your new home addition. WOW. It's such a lovely big space with such potential!!