Sunday, July 17, 2011

Londo and G'Kar

The awesome Edie was quick on the ball and correctly guessed the subject matter of yesterday's silhouettes. They are Londo and G'Kar from Babylon 5, my favorite television show of all time.

The two characters are mortal enemies throughout most of the series, hence why I made their silhouettes face away from each other, and blocked into two separate matt openings.

My favorite character on Babylon 5 (and any tv show) is Lyta Alexander, but G'Kar and Londo have such distinct profiles, and Straczynski has been quoted as saying that the whole show can be summarized as the arc of their story. (At least I think I remember reading that somewhere)

My next silhouette for the wall is already planned out...I just have to find a frame and do it. This is *fun*!

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