Sunday, July 24, 2011

Too Hot to Update

Central Ohio has been just ridiculously hot this past week, with heat indexes in the 100-some range every day. My plants have been on my mind in this awful weather, but they're mostly making it through alright.

Today, Tom and I braved the again, over 100-degree index heat to work on the lawn and garden. And I had a bee in my bonnet to stop at Lowes to check out their plant hospital row.

I left with a few things...the lovely blue plant you can see here right in front of and to the left of the hydrangea.

Thanks to my friend Salena, I got a couple of transplants of purple coneflower. I'm pretty smitten with this plant, and have been since I saw it around a couple of gardens in the area. I hope to plant a lot more of it along the fence row. You can see I've gotten a variety of new plants here to fill things out.

I had to transplant these from the lawn to the flower bed. They're too lovely.

My friend Casie gave me a new planter, so I had to fill it! Plants from the hospital row of Lowes again.

My thornless blackberry has taken off a little bit! You can see it sending out shoots in this shot.

And it has some berries on it!

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