Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Procrastination Station

Well the holidays are officially over. Time to put away the holly and mistletoe for another year. It's also time to look at the year ahead and reflect and self-motivate. My New Year's resolution this year was quite simple...even though the year ahead may possibly be a rather full and intimidating one, with the possibility of going back to school in the fall for my MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science), I only made one resolution: to complete the dining room murals I've wanted to do since we moved in in February.

And yet...and yet. I told myself it was a perfect winter project, and I would start on it when the holidays were over. And now that they're over, I find myself procrastinating...finding one thing or the other to focus on other than my sketches and plans for this project. I find that it has grown to epic proportions of intimidation in my mind. It will be the biggest mural I've ever painted on a wall, and I've painted a few of them.

So I wonder, dear internet....how do you work past intimidation and procrastination to start a project? I sure could use the motivation.

Who knew a small room could loom so large?


  1. I completely understand your fears and frustrations. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith or a single pencil line that takes you past the point of no return. I know you can do it and it's ok to make mistakes. You know that oftentimes mistakes turn out to be something really incredible!

  2. Just do it. The very worst that can happen is you're not happy with it, can paint over it and start over another time. You've already had practice with mural painting, so I think it will be fine.

  3. Thanks so much, Evita and Edie! I do just need to start it. A leap of faith, a "just do it." I must dive ahead! :)

  4. I actually have a different take on projects like this... When it's something creative, and you can't force yourself to move forward on it, I usually find that's a sign that I'm just not ready to tackle it yet--and I give myself permission to not do it, until I AM ready. And walk away. With no guilt. :)

    I just accept that [x] in my house is not the way I want it right now...and I let it percolate.

    One day, I wake up--and I know it's time to start--and then everything just sort of magically falls into place. :)