Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Tidbits

We've added a few more decorations to CCC this year. I made a paper banner spelling out "Merry" with pages from an old newspaper insert featuring Christmas carols. It's hard to see here, but each letter has the name of the Christmas carol sheet music at the top.

And we also added some furry greenery around the arches in the entryway. Eventually we'd like to get better quality greenery to put around the arches, but this dollar store stuff got the point across for this year.

On a weekday morning this past week, I looked out the window at the Hawthorne to find the previous record of 5 Cardinals was beaten...NINE cardinals were sitting in the tree...and that's just what I could see from my perch at the window! I've circled them in the image for easy counting. ;)

AAAAANDDDD Finally, here's a preview of something HUGE. I've wanted window boxes on our front two windows from the first moment we went to see the house (before we even owned it) a year ago this month. Circumstances and problems conspired against us, and it took a long time, but we finally were able to order boxes from C&W Woodwerks, a local company. We picked up the boxes last night, and hope to get them installed as soon as possible.

So here's a sneak preview of one of our two window boxes. Tom's just holding one up below the window, and the brackets aren't installed on the bottom or the siding, so it'll look a little different, but I couldn't wait to see a little sneak preview. They are just what I wanted. Totally worth a year's wait.

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