Friday, December 9, 2011


Today was cookie making day. Mom and I do this every year at Christmas. And, well, let me just lead off with this picture. Because everyone should have Ninjabread men at Christmastime.

Our friend Kirsty Walker has shared pictures of her Ninjabread men creations on Facebook and Tom and I loved them. The cookie cutters were a Christmas gift to Tom that he had to get a little early since I just HAD to make them today.

Here I am demonstrating the proper Ninjabread eating stance.

Cookie day takes place over at mom's house. Hi mom!

But this year was better than any other cookie year, because...Grandma was there too!

Three generations baking Christmas cookies together. That's what I call a memory in the making.

Even if at times it was a little messy.

The end result was yummy!


  1. What an absolutely lovely day, and your Ninjas rock :)

  2. You three are so cute! Cool Ninja-breadmen!