Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I promised my next blog post would be about our Christmas ornaments! Above you'll find two collages of ornaments we collect. Tom has his collection of Spider-man ornaments on the tree, and I have my collection of bird glass ornaments, preferably with fiber-tails. My collection started with the green glass bird you see on the last row on the parents had a whole set of them that went on the tree every year growing up, and it got me started. I actually have more birds than this, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Here's my very favorite Christmas ornament. I've had it since I can ever remember, and it prompted another collection of ornaments unpictured...German wooden ball-headed figural ornaments. The two little boys in a bed are always the last ornament to go on the tree every year.

And here's Tom's favorite ornament, a Scotty dog in a sweater. He likes to animate the Scotty with a Scottish accent, of course, and make him box people and Corvin with his hands/arms/fisticuffs. You can see the makeup on one of his paws from boxing my face one too many times.

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