Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas at the Cottage 2012

 Welcome to Catty-Corner Cottage, Holiday 2012.  We invite you to come inside and stay for a while.  The Christmas decorations took a while to get up, and of course if you know me, you know that there's likely going to be more going up throughout the season, but the base is at least finished. 

The house looks lovely at twilight with the lights of the Christmas tree winking in the bay window, and the lush evergreens in the window boxes silhouetted by the setting sun.

My friend Shane got me started on the hobby of "Wildcrafting" for the holidays, or going out to nature and finding dried and fallen branches, evergreens, etc.  I love the resulting look.

The evergreen lavender stems create a base for this wildcrafted arrangement.

The new arbor gets a simple twist of evergreen and a small wreath.

The base was a twist of faux garland, but then I stuck various evergreen and holly into the twist.

I remember when we first saw the house it was in December, and I was fascinated by the twisting winter branches of the Hawthorn in the back yard.  I still am!!

The back gate by the garage gets a metal basket full of evergreens.

Let's go inside!

We'll start with our entry in the daytime.  I made the bunting draped on the tapestry from vintage Christmas Carol pages last year.  You also get a tease in this photo of the dining room all bedecked.

The entryway table is smothered in greenery, and a wreath hangs from a ribbon atop the mirror.

The entryway is even more magical at night.

I had a feeling it would be a nice touch to put a couple of swags above the doorways in the entry.  But my goodness, for whatever reason I just could not find anywhere that had artificial evergreen swags.  Wreaths and garland, sure, but swags were nowhere to be found.  So finally I found plain evergreen swag bases at Michael's, and just made them myself!

Another shot of the entry table in the daytime.

The entry with a teaser shot of the Christmas tree.

Voila!  Made a swag.

The swag is mimicked nicely by the painting around our Toby Froud Green Man above the front door.

The bust on the entry table gets a sprig of festive greenery in her hair.

I don't recall who gave us this holiday card last year, but I loved the sentiment and tucked it in the corner of the mirror.

I really love this silver bowl with deer on either ends. 

Okay, here it is...the dining room bedecked with 58 (I counted) hand-cut snowflakes I created last year.  Note the larger snowflakes hanging from the corner cabinets.   I still want to decorate the chandelier with white and silver twigs or branches or something.

Another view of the dining room.

On the table I put a vase with silvery glimmering greenery, and surrounded it with
glittering snowflakes in the bowl.  I also picked up glittery silver chargers for the
plates on the table.

Now we'll move on to the living room, where I have a display on the side table of an incredible pop-up book by Niroot Puttapipat of The Night Before Christmas.

I wish I could claim that I draped this tapestry on the chair for Christmas cheer, but really a lot of my decorating I leave out year round just works well for Christmas too.  :)

A bookshelf in the living room displays poinsettias, and Rossetti's ladies are ready for the holidays.

Even the copper watering can gets a touch of greenery.  More greenery is mixed with white lights on the tray.

A view of the left side of the living room, including the fireplace with stockings hung with care.

On the center of our coffee table is a faerie holding up an ornament inspired by Mucha. 

The centerpiece of any holiday home is the tree.  Ours has colored lights and a mix of my German wood ornaments and fiber-tailed glass birds, and Tom's Spider-man ornaments. 

The centerpiece on the mantle is this retro Christmas sign I couldn't resist at Hobby Lobby last year.

A mix of lit greenery, books, candles, and ornaments fills the rest of the mantle.

Even the gargoyle from Labyrinth gets his own little Christmas hat. 
So there you have it...Catty-Corner Cottage is ready for the holidays this year.  Well...maybe there's room for a little more.................


  1. So beautiful! You have the perfect place for a tree.

  2. Grace, as always, you have surpassed yourself. Your home grows ever more magical!

  3. Thanks Vickie! We found the house shortly before Christmas 2010 and moved in in February 2011...when I first saw the living room, my first thought was how perfect that spot was for a tree :)

    Thank you Painting Queen!

    Mags, oh I sure hope so! Thank you! <3

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Grace. Oh, I need to get started on decorating my house...

  5. *jaw drops* That is splendid. You continue to amaze me.

    Well, you invited us to come by, so I'm packing my bags right now. *grin*

  6. Just gorgeous! You have such a lovely home.

    I love the idea of draping the tapestry over the chair.

  7. Jody, share pictures!

    Shveta, you're welcome!! <3

    Rachel, thank you!! I just put it there temporarily and liked it so much it stayed! LOL

  8. your home is adorable- love your front door color! the dining room is magical!

  9. Thank you Cassie! It took forever to decide on a front door color, and then when I painted it I realized it was the same color as Doctor Who's Tardis (lol)

    Thanks re: the dining's possibly my favorite room of the house.