Sunday, November 4, 2012


Our house has been de-Halloweened, and is now Autumnized.


  1. your house is simply stunning xxx

  2. Grace...your home is so HOMEY and BEAUTIFUL!!! Love all the "loving" touches! Did you do your own paintings? OH MY...such talent! Isn't being a home owner the best??

  3. That's so nice. In Canada, Thanksgiving comes very early in October, then we have Halloween, and then suddenly we are pushed to Yule. I like how you can go back to Autumn after Halloween, and I did that as well this year. Yule can come, in December.

  4. Thank you Jane!!

    Cheryl, yes I did my own paintings! And have plans for soooo many more ;) I wouldn't trade being a home owner for anything :)

    Lois, I agree, though it seems like autumn is leaving us quickly this year in Ohio whether we want it or no!