Sunday, October 21, 2012

Playing with a Nice Camera

A friend let me borrow his digital SLR camera today to take a few photos. greatly enjoying playing with it :)  Click images to see larger.

I think this might be Chimera's final position in our yard.  He looks right at home among the flowers.

The chrysanthemum flowers we planted last year in memoriam of my Uncle who passed away are now in bloom.  

The back yard at twilight.  Just ignore the road still goes on.

A little daylily...probably one of the last of the year.

The lens on this camera can take wider angle photos of the rooms than my little digital snapshot camera can.   Here you can see the layout of our room with the window seat a bit better.

You can see the new deer statues on Tom's desk and the photos of person-dressed forest animals taped to the branches of the tree awaiting frames (I'm thinking of making frames for them from canning jar lid rings)

The view from the bed. 


  1. Oh wow, the chrysanthemum picture is so vivid, I can almost smell them! :)

  2. beautiful! I love your decorating and photos and I am totally in LOVE with your bed frame. Where did you get it?

    great blog!

  3. Thank you Emily! I actually got my bed frame via Craigslist, after over a year of searching! I'm afraid I don't know anything more about the make or origin of it. Best of luck to you though...tree beds are the BEST :)

    Samantha, thank you!! :)