Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Honor of our Fawns

I was meandering through Hobby Lobby this afternoon, and I saw their holiday items were 40% off.  Tom and I have been eyeing these two stag statues the last couple of times we've been there, and today I couldn't resist them.

They are our homage to our two baby fawns who adopted our neighborhood for about a month earlier this year before moving on to a more forested home.

And since our bedroom is Enchanted Forest - themed, they get to stay out year-round on Tom's dresser.


  1. The deer are lovely. I also see you have the same Lothlorian Candle as we have. I bought it for hubby as a wedding present and used it on our bride and groom table as a centerpiece. We just moved and I have been looking for the box it is in for days!

  2. Oh yes!! That was a gift from a friend several years ago, and I just love it. I took the paintable miniatures of Galadriel and Celeborn and put them inside the tree for added accuracy ;)

    I do hope you find yours!

  3. Oh wow, this seals it, I absolutely must find a Hobby Lobby and check this place out!! :).

  4. Brittany there are plenty in C-bus!! :D

    Samantha thank you!