Friday, October 5, 2012

Rural Society, Autumn Edition

More about life, the universe, and the Rural Society Antique and Garden Show....

First, yes this IS our fence in our yard.  And yes that IS a five foot trench dug right next to it.  Apparently in the original road construction plans, they were going to take down the fence altogether and put the water line there...the road crew is great though, and they very carefully worked together.  It was still tense but fascinating to go out and see this!

This morning when I left for the Antique & Garden Show I saw this lovely Morning Glory on my arbor and thought it was ironic right next to the big machinery parked by our house for the weekend ;)

So you remember the Rural Society Antique and Garden Show I went to with my mom in the spring?  Well this was their fall show.  And of course it was wonderful.

Behold, the item I regret most.  I should have bought this cat gargoyle.  I may still try to contact the greenhouse that owned this booth to see if I can get it.

Sweet antique sock monkeys.

There was a much bigger crowd there this morning, the first morning of the sale, than the other two we've gone to.  It was fascinating to see people scooping up items left and right.  I was sad that an old incubator my friend really wanted was sold when we went back to check for it.

I loved these old reliquary shelves.  If they had been a little less...

Mom pointed out when we were in line just how perfectly indicative of the sale this view out the barn window was.  Rural Ohio, tents with gorgeous displays, and gourds.  Welcome to the sale.

An old Burne-Jones framed print I would have been more tempted by if I had any more room on my walls for large artworks.

A lovely small statue.

A gorgeous piece of carved wood. 

The bubble glass image on the right reminded me of my friend Chris.

When we came home, I made Tom a belated anniversary cherry pie.  :)

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