Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fourth Anniversary

Life still continues apace, but today we took a moment to pause and celebrate our four-year wedding anniversary.  We took a trip to the park where we were married, and enjoyed walking around...we hadn't been there in at least a couple of years.

We stood where we said our vows, and a nice park employee took our picture for us.

We posed with the camera on a timer in the place where Greg took my favorite wedding photo we have framed on our wall.

I climbed a steep hill to get to the tree where Greg shot another photo on the wedding day:

One of our favorite spots in the park, the storytelling garden, where the labyrinthian path has tiles telling the story of the earth's origin according to Native American mythology.

The path ends in a lovely sculpture of Sky Mother surrounded by trees.

Tom posed for me on the bridge where Greg took his picture.

Then we went to lunch at Olive Garden and grinned like madpeople.

Oh and of course Tom's gift to me was brilliant and romantic.  Fourth anniversary is traditionally fruit, flowers, or silk.  He got me this, a William Morris floral silk scarf from The Met Store.  It hits everything...the Pre-Raphaelites I love, flowers, and silk.  I'm utterly impressed and smitten :)


  1. He's a keeper. ;-) You two always make me smile… happy anniversary! xx

  2. Oh my goodness, everything about this is perfect. <3

  3. Love the pictures! And the scarf! But ack, what did you get him??? :)

  4. Thank you Mags and Samantha!

    Rich, I haven't had a chance to make his gift yet! So Friday will be his extension of our anniversary ;)