Friday, September 28, 2012

Beddy Bye

So in lieu of showing you how depressingly torn-up our yard and street are, here are pictures of our new comforter. 

We've had our old comforter, "The Velvet Fog" for ages now.  Probably about ten years?

But I thought maybe it would be nice to lighten up the bedroom a little bit.  The Velvet Fog still lays at the bottom of the bed for cold nights.

I think the light comforter cheers the room.  And you can see the tree design on the bed better.

Okay, I can't resist...I have to show you one picture of our swamp-people yard. 

See those metal plates down on the mud?  Yeah...that's our "yard" actually.  The stone in the front corner was originally on the corner to keep people from cutting the corner....about 4-5 feet further out into the corner.  It's really hard to remind myself "think of how nice the road will look when it's done. :(

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