Monday, September 3, 2012

A Matter of Perspective

Yesterday morning I found myself in a semi-funk and posted to Facebook:

So, you know how sometimes you work on a painting or a project of any sort and you get so wrapped up in it and close to it that you can't be objective anymore, or even know if it's great or awful? Imagine a project as big as your house (that IS your house) you've been obsessed with for over a year. I am so at that point now. 

 I was starting to lack perspective and to doubt all the decisions I had made.  And then last night I got a wake-up call in the form of two rabbits in our back yard.  As I looked out at them silhouetted against the street light, I rejoiced that they came to our back yard, and was grateful that we had a space with fences that made them feel protected and safe.  I thought about the fawn I saw the night before, curled up under the tree in our front yard to keep dry from the rainstorm.  And it hit me all of a sudden that a home is about so much more than just finding the right curtains to match the dining room (which I just did,  A home is about providing and nurturing a space where living creatures, human or otherwise, feel safe and protected.  And I felt gratitude for every unfinished space and unpainted wall in this wonderful house we call home.

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