Sunday, September 23, 2012

Creepy-Corner Cottage Year II

Welcome one and all to the second year of Creepy-Corner Cottage, the time of year every autumn when our normally fairy tale abode gets a dark twist in preparation for All Hallows Eve.

This year we chose to go with a bit more eerie and spooky, and a bit less colorful, version of decorating than last year

But our best Halloween decoration stays out year round....the eponymous black cat of the cottage, Corvin:

In the entry, we liberally scattered the paper bats that were in our dining room last year.  Our Art Nouveau house spirit even got her own mask above the doorway.

Our entry table set up included a lovely new pashmina Tom's parents bought me in autumn colors.

The bust on the table got a little felt mask made for her, and an elegant Halloween topper.

The decorations on here are simple this year, a couple of pieces of Coleus with roots growing, perhaps for next year, and a crow on a pumpkin.

We saved the oomph in the entry for this eerie lovely mini-mirror.  I've wanted to try this craft ever since I read about it on Epbot last year, and the mirror spray was my biggest splurge in Halloween decorating money.

I just did a write-up on Domythic Bliss about making one of these, although it's pretty self-explanatory.  I really love how it turned out...elegantly eerie, just as I like.

More bats in the entry, with some pumpkins on the floor.

Thanks to Pinterest I had a few new ideas for our mantle this year. 

And I'm really happy with how they turned out.

A miniature skeleton from the dollar store sits on a bed of moss and displays a scroll that proclaims "R.I.P."

I buy these Seven-Day candles from the Dollar Tree on a regular basis year round anyway since they give you so much candle power bang for your (literal) buck.  But I loved the idea of adding the letters for simple Halloween messages.  Thanks, Pinterest. 

Here you can also see the glow in the dark snakes I added to a bit of creepy spanish moss in an apothecary jar.

The other side has a pale mouse in pale moss, and another candle message:

A crow, again from the dollar store, has a scroll that proclaims "Nevermore"

These pictures really don't do the mantle justice...with all of the candles lit at night, it looks haunting.

Witches fly in silhouette around our lampshade:

The black cat hidden in ivy and La Ghirlandata both get masks.

A crow perches on one of the plants on the table in the bay window.

We found this vintage Halloween bunting at a local antique shop, and couldn't resist it. 

(Eventually we're getting two side chairs for either side of this space...just waiting to find the perfect pair)

I mean, how can you resist this?

Above the television this year, our seasonal set of pictures are eerie portraits I found from Facebook.

In our foresty-muralled dining room, I added bundles of spanish moss to the tree twig candelabras, and perched three crows on the display.  Again, simple and hopefully eerie.

The front porch has a sheaf of corn, a blackened twig wreath with dancing skeletons, a half-dead and hostile plant, and a Creepy-Corner Cottage sign.

We found this magnolia branch on a forest walk in June, and I thought the soft "thorns" on it looked deliciously hostile.  Pointing toward the guest walking onto our porch, it's a clear sign that danger is ahead.  The handpainted Creepy-Corner Cottage sign proclaims that all black cats are welcome.

Night time is when the letters in the window really turn magical.

So there you have it!  Creepy-Corner Cottage 2012!  Have you decorated yet?


  1. Gorgeous!!! Masquerade at Grace's. Can I come and wear my Medusa mask?

  2. You're a very creative decorator! I think your best props are your kitty and the mirrors. It makes me miss my little black kitty.

  3. So lovely! I don't know if you want more ideas for your yard, but I saw this on Pinterest and thought of you:

  4. I so want to try that sometime, but I'm skeptical if I could make it work. If you try it, please let me know!!!

  5. Oh wow, this is amazing! Your decorations are SO great!!!! I especially love all the crows and cats :).

  6. Brittany, you and Sara should visit sometime and see it in person! We only live about an hour away ;)