Friday, May 4, 2012

Rural Society Antique and Garden Show

 Today my mom and I went to the Rural Society Antique and Garden Show in Mount Vernon Ohio.  This biannual show happens in the fall and the spring at Warwick Farm, and we went to our first one on a rainy day last fall.  It was cold and wet, but we still had a wonderful time at the event.  And today's was even better.

Today was just one of those days you never want to see end.  From beginning to end, everything just seemed to fit into place perfectly.  The day started when I woke up to discover that our beautiful Hawthorn in the back yard has finally begun its annual blossom.  It was a beautiful day for a drive, and mom and I enjoyed our trip to Mount Vernon via scenic roads.  And we were greeted at the farm with scenes like the above.  The honey vendor in the fourth photo is a family with talented teens who help raise the bees and make the honey, and play lovely music on their violins.  How magical and wonderful is that?

 There was a plant vendor with really beautiful combined planters.  I loved this plant I thought looked like moose antlers.

Mom peruses one of a plethora of displays with beautiful antiques combined in artistic and beautiful ways.

There were a large number of pieces I could have easily taken home.  I loved this antique Art Nouveau figural mirror for $25. 

And this hand-done crewel-work curtain for $50.

And these leaded glass display boxes for around $12-20 a piece

Everything was displayed so beautifully, it was a joy just to walk around and take it all in.

 This foxglove in a bird cage was quite lovely:

Love these!  I could just see them with skirts made of trained ivy.

This was another piece I almost bought.  It was a weathered plaque with a faded image of a parrot.  I was going to paint over the central image and do a new mythic artwork.  It was $10.

Mom holding up a bolt of fabric I suspect of being either a Morris print, or definitely inspired by his work.  $45, yardage unknown.

A beautiful antique collection of real pressed butterflies.  $100

Mom and me posing with an adorable collie dog at the farm.

Modeling a velvet antique slouch-style hat.

The farm plants and greenery were so lush.  There were cozy corners and sanctuaries everywhere.

 I loved this line of little white flowers along a creek bed.

Here's what I brought heirloom tomato plant for $1.  Black Cherry tomato.

 Last night we had a visit from my dear friend Lindsey, who brought me Hollyhock seeds from her garden.  I love the way that gardening can be about sharing and making connections with other people. 

Mom and I also stopped by an estate sale where I got a lovely little frame with black hinges on it for a dollar.

 But here's my favorite find of the whole day.  This bust is about 1/2 or 3/4 life size, and her smile took my breath away.  How often have you seen a smiling classical bust?  She was only $12 at one of the vendors today, and her beautiful dried floral head wreath was $3 from another vendor.  She wears one of my Parrish Relics and welcomes visitors to our home on our entry table. 

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