Friday, April 27, 2012

With a Faerie Hand in Hand

So today was a day off, and with my mom and Grandma and dad on their way to visit my sister in St. Louis, garage saleing wasn't an option.  Soo it was creative day!!!

I ran a few errands, including stopping by Hobby Lobby...I try to make sure I go there when Tom doesn't have to, because I always end up aimlessly meandering all the aisles, brainstorming craft and decorating projects and taking hours.  

I hunted down some silk flowers I had seen last time.  I love these not only because they appeal to my "things made from words and stories" side, but also because if you're going to do silk flowers, you might as well utilize the fact that they aren't real. 

After taking this picture, I looked at the price tag and realized they were on sale.  So I took one home with me.

I've had this little miniature glass-sided box (it's probably about 5" tall by 7" wide by 4" deep) I bought at the infamous local antique mall for a week or two, and was trying to figure out what to put inside.  The 'things made with words' theme goes so well with everything else I've made for the Dreaming Room (book butterflies, book page silhouettes, etc)

I also had some Henry Ford illustrations I had printed out for an earlier project that didn't come to fruition, and I love it when things aren't wasted, so I knew they'd be perfect for this.

(Please do click on the images...Blogspot's newest update is really nice in some ways, but the images are either too large or too small for my blog format.  So clicking on images does them better justice)

The scrolls read "With a / Faerie / Hand in Hand"

I also thought it might be fun to check in with the Hollyhock seedlings I planted a little while ago.  Here they are!  Some of them are getting large enough that I really should probably transplant them to styrofoam cups or something larger.  But I'm hoping I can keep them all in here for a week or two longer until they're ready to be hardened off and planted outside.

Finally, the plan was to focus on getting our side yard, where we cut down the evergreen tree last fall, looking nice this year, and then next year we would try planting a veggie garden.  But a sweet older patron at the library had other plans...he brought me in three tomato plants, and of course now I'm going to have to plant them!  Thankfully I think I have a spot in mind that already gets lots of sun and won't get in the way of other plantings.

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