Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Mid-Week Plants

Yesterday Tom and I took a day off work mid-week to unwind and work on a few projects around the house. It was one of those gorgeous spring days with not a cloud in the sky, and I'm quite happy at how much we got done.

The plants are already springing up around the house quite lushly. We're dying to put down mulch, but have heard it's still a *little* bit too early in the season to do so (you want to wait till after the worst of the spring rains, apparently, as heavy wet mulch can kill small seedlings, etc)

The Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow' I planted in the side bed last year has taken off and is gorgeous in its tri-color leaves and blooms.

The Columbine is growing in lush, and shooting up its closed blossoms. Can't wait till they open!

The Hellebore I thrilled to see bloom earlier in spring is still going strong. I really love the way the blooms come in deep red-purple, like the above blossom, and then fade to a green-purple, like the bottom blossom.

Hard to believe this plant was so small last year and all through last winter. It has really taken off this spring.

Finally, I have an admission to make. Last fall, I planted tons of seeds around the yard, and I suspect most of them were dug up by hungry birds. But the problem is, this spring I've been letting some green things in the flower beds go, because I'm not really sure if they're weeds, or they're plants. I have two of these in my flower bed by the back deck, and I'm not sure if I should pull them because they're weeds, or let them go because they're plants. Anyone know?


  1. Top Pic is a weed.Not sure about the other though.I would wait and see if it flowers?

  2. Top pic of the two at the bottom of the post, right? Those are both the same plant, just two pictures of it, one to show the white tiny blooms on there.

    I had a feeling it was a weed...I just didn't want to believe it...I planted a lot of seeds in that flower bed and so far none have taken. Argh!

  3. Well it's a plant if you like it, and it's a weed if you don't like it. :)

  4. exactly... weeds are only plants you don't want where they are! I'm not sure what it is, lovey.

  5. My husband says, "If you're trying to grow wheat, it's definitely a weed. If you're growing miscellaneous wild flowers, it has a chance. Or, if it's thriving, it's probably a weed. If it's struggling just to stay alive, no doubt it's something you love and desperately want to see flower." To me, the bottom pic looks like there are actually about three things growing there, common plantain among them, so I'd probably lean toward classifying it all in the weed category. Sorry.

  6. Thank you Randomacts! I wound up pulling it. I hate not knowing the weeds from the plants in my garden yet!