Thursday, April 26, 2012

Titania, Oberon, and Hydrangeas

 I've had a project on my "work bench" for a few weeks now...the design was ready to go, but I just never got around to completing it until last night.  Here's the result...a new silhouette set of Titania and Oberon for the Dreaming Room.  Click photos to see larger:

I think there's a chance I might still change out the background a little bit.  I dry-brushed metallic gold over the blue damask paper, but if I find something a little more ethereal, I might still switch it out.
The art cabinet in the Dreaming Room, with Ophelia peeking out from the hallway.

Another shot of the silhouette, this time with flash...details are a bit clearer.
Finally, here's my hydrangea in the front yard...remember the one I had such trouble with last year?'s not doing so hot again.  Can anyone with more plant knowledge than me tell this just from the hot and cold weather, and do you think it'll spring back?  Click image to see better, but you can see a lot of the leaves are not only browned, but curled up.


  1. They are beautiful and look so lovely on your art cabinet.

  2. The hydrangea could have any number of things wrong with it. Have you examined it for aphids/mites? As most of the damage seems to be on the soft juicy new growth, that's my first instinct.

  3. Hello Grace,
    These are very hardy Victorian bushes.I have had one for 23 years that is now 5 feet tall and about 12 feet round.Every Autumn I just cut it back a little all over and put organic compost from my compost bin around the roots.I also have a rainwater barrel into which I drop some fresh cut nettles.After a week the nettle goodness is in the water and all garden plants love it as a tonic.x

  4. Thank you Rachel! They make me smile.

    Elzebrook, thankfully the hydrangeas bounced back!! Thank you Nosocks...I'll have to try the nettles sometime!!