Friday, May 20, 2011

ID the Tree?


Well, you all were so absolutely amazing at immediately identifying the lamium in my front yard, I thought I'd give you another challenge.

We have no idea what kind of tree we have in our back yard. Here are a few helping images. Click any to see larger:

We just got blossoms on the tree about a week ago. And the birds and bees LOVE IT. Seriously, it's like chirp and buzz buzz city back there right now.

The flowers/tree smells's kind of hard to explain what it smells like. It doesn't smell bad, per se, but it's a very musky raw smell, kind of earthy and slightly sour sweet.

Finally a last "pretty picture" of the tree and the back yard from today.

So help me, oh internets...what sort of tree do we have here?


  1. the flowers look like laurel but i have never seen one that big........... so I'm not sure.

  2. I wasn't familiar with the Laurel, but when I looked it up it said they usually branch close to the ground? I agree though that the blossoms look very similar.

    I'm going to look up different kinds of Laurel to see if maybe there's a match. Thanks!! :)

  3. yep, i'm pretty sure that's a hawthorne of some sort. :)

  4. Linds, I'm pretty sure you got it!!