Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few More...

Last night after I did my post about all the yard and garden work we did yesterday, I went to mom and dad's and filled the planter box from our front porch with ivy. I got a trellis for it at Walmart, and brought it home. Today I snapped a few more pictures:

Also, mom mentioned while I was at their house that they had a chair at church that might work for the Dreaming Room. You all may remember the desk I found for the room. It didn't come with a chair, so I've been scouring the antique shops and garage sales for one that I could use in the room with it. After all, what good is a desk without a chair? Anyway, dad had taken a picture of the chair with his cell phone, and as soon as I saw the picture I said "um, YES??"

I think it adds the perfect touch of fairy tale charm to the room. :)


  1. That is a really great chair!

  2. I know! Dad showed me the cell phone picture and I immediately had to have it :) :) Thank you!