Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Pictures

Of course you know I have to start my post with a new picture of the eponymous cat of Catty-Corner Cottage, Corvin.

Yesterday, mom and I went garage saleing in the morning, and then I enjoyed some yard work at home. I shot a few pictures.

The ferns on the far side of the garage have really taken off. And now the wild strawberries are starting to flower.

..and peek their little red berry heads out of the greenery.

I thought this curled fiddlehead on the fern was lovely.

The thornless blackberry start I bought at a garden society sale last weekend seems to be doing decently.

As is the purple passion plant I bought for inside a few weeks ago.

My neighbor let me see her back yard garden yesterday, and she quipped that gardening is easy to get addicted to. Well, I do believe I'm smitten.

Yesterday at the garage sales, my favorite find/purchase was this gorgeous stained glass butterfly light...perfect for the Dreaming Room.

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