Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shut the Front Door

Or leave it open. I hate that expression. Anyway....

Did you know that we've only had 40-some days of entirely precipitation-less weather so far this ENTIRE YEAR?! It's quite frustrating for a new home owner trying to get things done on the outside of her house. One of the projects that has been delayed is painting our front door. The bright red front door is quite cheery, yes, but it just doesn't quite match our personalities or the personality we want the house to express.

We had decided on painting the front door purple. Kind of like this:

Buuuuuuuut....now that the plantings are going in and we've lived there a little while, I'm reconsidering the color (who, me??) and wondering if it wouldn't be prettier and a more flattering shade to go with all four seasons if we painted it a dark periwinkle blue, like this:

Or, more aptly, like this photoshopped image:

Thoughts? I thought a periwinkle blue (dark shade so it's not Easter Eggy) would both bring in the purples I love, and also look striking with the oranges and reds of autumn (blue looks amazing with autumn leaf colors, as my friend Sheri's wedding proved to me) and could work with Christmas colors too.

And the above image also has a photoshopped window box. We're considering purchasing these from ebay:


  1. Dark periwinkle gets my vote! Love anything in the purples but sometimes you just have to take a half step back from them.

  2. Exactly, Lady Hawthorne! I feel good about this idea :)

  3. Can't help you with colors, but versatility always gets my vote, especially if it's pretty, too. :) Periwinkle seems to be that.

    The window boxes are very "you" with their little swirly patterns. I say get'em. :)