Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mystery Plant

We've finally had our first full handful of warm days at Catty-Corner Cottage with no rain!! And we're enjoying them thoroughly. This upcoming weekend is an exciting one for us...on Saturday, we were invited to the neighborhood picnic at our next door neighbor's house. (In fact, our names were even on the flyers sent out as the "new neighbors to meet"!) I'm already planning the pie we'll bring with us. Then Sunday, come rain or shine, I plan to go to the famous local garden center I've heard so much about, to buy the rhododendrons I've been itching to put in the front of our house, and hopefully a few other things too.

Speaking of plants, does anyone know what these are? A friend recently visited and she told me what she thought they were, but I don't recall what she said. They're so pretty tucked into the little space between our stairs and the siding.

The moon about a week ago was just rising so lovely as the light faded...I had to get a completely inadequate picture.

Edited to add: Apparently the plant is Lamium! Thanks to Lindsey for originally identifying it when she came over (and I forgot the name!) and Bryony and Donna on my Facebook for letting me know!

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