Friday, May 20, 2011

Sleigh Beds Ring?

So I've started to notice that the two rooms upstairs at Catty-Corner Cottage are taking on accidental additional themes. The Dreaming Room is representing Spring and Summer, and the bedroom is totally Autumn and Winter.

So I saw this picture on a favorite blog today and I was smitten. Do I want a round bed? No. Do I want a canopy? No. But something about this image really feels like the "look" I want in the bedroom.

So I've been searching beds on Craigslist and this one came across my screen. I really like it. I've been fond of sleigh beds for a while, and I definitely think this one would add to the "Autumn and Winter" feel of the bedroom and has the potential to work really well.

Or would it be too heavy/overkill in a room that already has a lot of dark tones?

Of course I could always just throw the sleigh bed outside and the whole "outdoor forest" look could be reality....

Or make myself a bed of moss and call it a night...


  1. What about a white sleigh bed to match your woodwork? Too "light" for a fall/winter room maybe? Or it could be just the thing for offsetting all those deeper shades. Use your tool that you used to see different color doors and see if you can 'shop in a sleigh bed in different colors and woodtones. Maybe not white, maybe a lighter woodtone is just what the Doctor ordered. ;)

  2. I agree. A lighter tone would be better than adding more dark to your room. I think you need to let some light in!!! If you compare your rooms you'll notice that the round bedroom has a lot of white, furs, birch. I think if you kept your bedroom the way it was but added accents of white or a light blue or something it might make the room brighter.