Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hopefully No One Will Ever Know

Sometimes you'll work on a project long and hard and everyone who sees it will say "wow!"  But then sometimes you'll work hard on a project, and the goal is for no one to ever be able to tell you did anything.

I love our window boxes in front of the house.  I wanted them from the first moment we saw the house and was thrilled when we finally were able to have them made and installed.  But sometime around last fall, I had to admit to myself that the scrollwork wood pieces on the front of the boxes weren't exactly made to last, to put it mildly.  And by this spring, every new rain storm made the boxes deteriorate more and more.  The plywood was put on with wood glue, and it was pulling away from the box, and breaking apart.  I didn't know how many more rain storms they would last through.

So I decided to redo them...I traced around the design with a pencil, carefully pried off the wood pieces, sanded down the box, repainted the stains and water marks on the white box, and meticulously painted the blue design back on with a paintbrush.

This picture is sort of a before and after.  I was done with the right side, and hadn't yet touched the left side.

The right design that I'd already pried off the box.  Look at how badly it was falling apart.  

 Soooo here they are all done!  With any luck, you can't even tell I changed anything at all, and they should last a trillion times longer than the disintegrating scrollwork that was up there. 

What do you think?


  1. Beautiful! Charming, just like you!

  2. Excellent job. They really should have used waterproof wood glue. Ah well. What are those gorgeous flowers on your porch?

  3. Aw thanks Vickie!

    Grace, I agree. Don't even get me started on the job they did making these ;) The flowers on the porch are Lobelia. They were actually the inspiration two years ago for choosing the color of the front door! <3