Friday, July 19, 2013

A Few Minor Changes

A few minor changes have been afoot outside the cottage.

Thanks to another generous friend, the shade portion of the back yard fence bed is shaping up nicely.  We've now added two types of Hosta, three Astilbe plants, Lily of the Valley, and Coral Bells to this corner along with the original fern, blackberry vine and Hot Lips Turtlehead.

Gratuitous pointless shot of the view from under the Hawthorn tree.  Think I love this tree much?

Here's something I haven't shown you yet...I planted some Calendula back by the garage, and a couple of Morning Glory vines.  I also planted Zinnia, but as you might be able to see only one plant popped up on either side of the center trellis.  Eventually I want to do more with this wall and the windows.  We bought coco-lined metal window boxes for these windows in the spring, but they were cheap enough quality that I didn't want to drill holes in the siding for them, and we couldn't figure out a way to adhere them to the window frames in a less permanent manner.  So the jury's still out on what's to be done here, but something will!!!

Finally, you can see the two planters that were on the front porch for most of the summer have been moved back here to either side of the blue bench.  (also note the pretty new purple and pink Petunia hanging basket I picked up for $4 on sale)  So what's on the front porch to take their place, you might ask?

Well I found a pair of lovely concrete urns for a marvelous price that just looked like they belonged on the front porch. 

I put a couple of small evergreen topiaries in the urns.  The former hanging Lobelia baskets were starting to lose some of their color/bloom, though they were staying healthy, and I had been wanting something to take us into fall and straight into winter and Christmas.   Hopefully these evergreens will keep their color and health straight into the holiday season and beyond.  Plus I think they add a little touch of symmetrical neatness to a cottage flowery front yard.  

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