Friday, October 25, 2013

The Waning Days of Autumn

Well now that Disney is a warm memory, we've entered our autumn season here at Catty-Corner Cottage.  Which means preparing the garden and the outside of the house for winter.  Not too many visually-exciting things happening.

However, this morning my mom and I went to an estate sale that had a solid *heavy* stone urn and pedestal set for sale for $ extremely good price for the quality.  Unfortunately, all I had with me was $10, so I purchased just the pedestal.

Chimera looks pretty neat up there, doesn't he?  You can see the wear on the top of the pedestal from where the urn was sitting.  I may clean that up, but I might just leave it, since I think outdoor statuary *should* have a patina to it.  Chimera is up there now, but I think in the summer I'll put a flower pot on top of the pedestal.  All told, Chimera + base now stand about as tall as my waist.

David's memorial mum is doing just as beautifully this year, and has started to bloom.

The palm tree we bought at Easter was no more...I've heard the inexpensive type from grocery stores are notoriously hard to keep instead I did some research and we bought a lovely and lush Peace Lily for this corner. 

This also means that Corvin will no longer be sitting on the table you see above and trying to eat the narrow palm leaves.  Peace Lily apparently tastes abhorrent to cats, so they quickly learn to not nibble.

And to keep the Peace Lily company, a Schefflera plant for the bay window table.  

You might see in the above picture, the red maple in our front yard is stubbornly holding on to its green leaves.  Last night we had our first full frost of the year, so we'll see how much longer that continues!  Thankfully we bought a leaf blower this year, so we are prepared.

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