Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Well, today I finished the door project by painting the back door Spiced Plum.  This shows a little bit better how it looks in the sun.  I didn't get out front in time to photograph the front door in sunlight. 

(the Union Jack isn't on the's on the wall behind it)

As I said, I didn't quite make it out in time to photograph the front with the sun directly on it, but this is mid-day, and you can see the wreath on the front door now too.

My neighbor who has a signature row of 70-year old peony plants in front of her house let me pick a few today.  I put them in my Grandma's silver vase I love so much, and they are fragrancing up the whole entry. 

(Don't worry...I checked them for ants)

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