Sunday, May 11, 2014

Squirrel Planter!

There have been a LOT of changes around Catty-Corner Cottage lately!  We have a brand new roof, this year's flowers and plants starting to flourish, our red maple tree removed from the front yard, a new chandelier in the almost-ready-to-debut finished dining much!

The thing is, I have to repaint my door to coordinate with the new roof, and until I do that I don't want to share the changed exterior.  And I want to get some super-good pictures of the dining room before I share that too.  So I've been busy around here, but that's why the blog has been quiet!

Saturday was the Great Granville Garage Sales.  At last year's event, if you recall, I got my gothic-style table that once was used in a church.  Like last year, this year I only found one item to buy, but it was a stand-out item again.

Late in the garage sale season last year, I found a super super heavy stone garden plinth for $10 (I can't believe it either).  I've been needing a planter for the top of it.  Well, at Saturday's sale, I came across one that was too perfect to pass up.

A pair of squirrels on each side of the heavy stone planter form an ornamental design reminiscent of Arts & Crafts design with their tails.  Acorns adorn the center of the pattern.

At $20, it was a bit more than I usually pay for something at a garage sale, but I knew I'd deeply regret it if I didn't bring it home.

And look at how lovely it is filled with coleus by the gate!


  1. Oh it is sooo lovely! $20 seems like an absolute steal.

  2. Yeah, sometimes I am reasonnable at garage sales and i end up thinking about objects for weeeeeeks...

  3. that squirrel planter is gorgeous, i would have splurged as well!

  4. Bryony, looking back on it now, I totally have to agree!

    Alexandra, me too!! I definitely didn't want that to happen this time around.

    Tammie, thank you!! It was the perfect blend of charming and ornamental to me!!