Friday, October 3, 2014

A Wedding Anniversary Fit for a Couple of Kids!

Today was Tom and my sixth wedding anniversary, and we spent it the best way possible...proudly acting like six year olds!

First we went out to a breakfast of sugary pancakes and bacon and eggs.  Then we came home to exchange gifts.  We really like to try to play off of the traditional anniversary gifts every year.  Six years is traditionally "iron and candy." 

Tom's gifts to me were...

Frozen shimmering jelly beans!

A plush Olaf who loves big hugs!

And most brilliantly and romantically (imho), to fulfill the "iron" part of the traditional gifts, he got me a wrought iron facade piece...authentically from the actual Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World!  He knows how much I love WDW and the Haunted Mansion in particular, so it was an extremely romantic and creative take on the theme.

When I heard that the theme this year was candy, I immediately glommed on the idea of doing a Wreck it Ralph theme.  Wreck it Ralph, FYI, is one of Tom's two favorite Disney movies.  He loooves it.  And despite what a hit movie it was, they really didn't release very much merchandise for it at all.  Especially adult merchandise, specifically men's shirts.  Which is ridiculous, because the movie basically was made for nostalgic 30-40 year olds who grew up with the arcade games the movie references. 

Anyway, I'm ranting, but the point is...I've been looking for a cool Wreck it Ralph shirt for him for ages, and there was nothing out there.  Then finally I found this shirt on Ebay, which was totally his style, and grabbed it up.

Continuing in the Wreck it Ralph theme, I got him a keychain with a sculpt of the cookie medal Vanellope makes for Ralph.

My final present was interactive.  In the movie, Ralph and Vanellope make a race kart for her to race in her game, Sugar Rush.  When we got home from breakfast, I ran into the living room and set up this display, with the theme song to Sugar Rush playing on Spotify (from the soundtrack). 

Yep, I went out and got a ton of candy and frosting and graham crackers and marshmallows etc etc etc, and we made our own race karts, like in the movie!!!

Here's my finished kart:

And Tom's:

We watched the movie as we made our crazy creations.  

Next we drove to Columbus to our favorite theater to see Boxtrolls:

We tried to get a picture together, but the employee who took it for us totally cut off the picture and it was all blurry :(

Boxtrolls was extremely charming and fun of course...Laika has another masterpiece under their belts. 

We then went to the Disney Store and bought a Minnie Mouse Halloween plush, and an Elsa doll.  Have I mentioned yet that we're just a couple of proud kids?  :)

Dinner was at Olive Garden, and then we finished our day like a couple of grown-ups, with a photography and fine art exhibition by dear friends of mine.

Some familiar faces were on the walls! :D

And I saw some dear friends I hadn't seen in far too long.

All in all, a VERY excellent day. 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day. I love that you made candy go karts, that was a great idea. :-)

  2. We had a blast doing it too, Rachel! Thanks!