Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ready for Halloween

 This was a very fallish weekend.  In fact it was so chilly it was almost wintery!  Tom and I decorated for Halloween yesterday, and went to a local pumpkin farm today.

 The dining room is more about whimsy and enchantment than spooky, so we just did fall decorations in here.

The entry is a mix of fall, with our assorted pumpkins, and Halloween, with a mask on Hestia and bats on the walls.

 The bust on the table has a hat and mask, and the homemade spooky mirror I made a few years ago is back up.

We got a new openwork bat bowl, and inside of it we put dried moss, glow in the dark creepy snakes, and a single candle.

The mantel is all ready for Halloween.

The candles on one side say eek, and the other side says boo.  (the antlers were humanely acquired)

A bunting of vintage style black cats and pumpkins hangs across the bay window.

And an incredible piece of cross stitch made by a friend is hung in the kitchen.

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