Monday, October 3, 2011

3 is a Magic Number

Three years ago today, in weather far different from today's dreary drizzle, I walked through a meadow barefoot and joined my husband in a rose garden to exchange our wedding vows.

Our wedding was as simple as could was just him, me, and our officiant, Greg, who was also our photographer. After the ceremony and the signing of the legal documents, we strolled through the lovely Inniswood Park and took photos. We honeymooned in a castle by the ocean. (In Marblehead, MA) What could be more romantic?

My favorite photo from our wedding day:

Our castle by the ocean:

Today we celebrate our third anniversary (get it? That's us holding up 3 fingers together), so blissful and blessed in our happy home.

In the above picture, you can see a new living room artwork on the wall. I saw an ad on Craigslist from a seller here in town for some old 1903 sheet music in a frame. I love all antiques, but when I saw how very Pre-Raphaelite-esque the art looked, I wanted it! The seller wanted $20, but I offered $10 and it was accepted. The art is larger than I realized...the sheet music itself (intact inside the frame, though I doubt I'll ever take it out) is probably about 8x10 and then there's the matting and frame. It's lovely!

Third year is traditionally leather, and we always try to play with the traditional gift, but leather just left us both stumped. Tom found another list that named "glass" as an alternate, and we both went with that instead.

My gift to Tom...his favorite movie of all time is Paper Moon, and it's a film that, to put it mildly, has very little collectible memorabilia. So instead I try to get creative. A few years ago I bought him a Cremo cigar box like the one featured in the film, and this year's anniversary gift was a couple of antique Nehi soda bottles, like featured in this scene from the film. ("I want my two hundred dollars!" "Just drink your Nehi and eat your coney island!!")

Tom's gift to me was a new butterfly for my wall collection in the Dreaming Room (glass!) But when I saw it I immediately saw how romantic he was with his choice:

If you don't get the romance of it, scroll back up to the shot of us on our wedding day. Yes, he chose a butterfly in the same colors (practically identical, though it's not as clear in photos) as my wedding gown.

I love my husband.


  1. Awww congratulations to both of you! I have seen your wedding photos on Flicker...just gorgeous! Love that sheet music too! I will have to check out that Castle! You both look very happy!

  2. 3 is a magick number. Happy Anniversary :)

  3. Awww... Happy anniversary, Grace and Tom!

  4. Painting Queen, the castle is the Herreshoff Castle, and it's a delight! It's a single unit B&B where the guests stay in the converted carriage house, and it's literally steps away from the harbor.

    Edie, thank you! Magic indeed :)

    Niroot, thanks so much for your well-wishes! I hope you are also well!

  5. I checked out the Herreshoff Castle! It is a magical place. I will have to put it in our places to go! I forgot to say that when we married two years ago we did a Castle tour as well. We stayed at Mohonk Mountain House in NY, and visited Lyndhurst Castle in NY, and Fonthill in Doylestown PA. All worth a visit!

  6. Painting Queen, I'll have to add those to my bucket list! :D