Friday, October 7, 2011

Garage Sale Antiques

It seems like it has been ages since I've been able to go to garage sales with my mom on a day off, but this morning we had a slim window of time to peruse the straggler sales (most are over by this time of year). The first sale we went to was the best one, and the gentleman running the sale had a plethora of fascinating items. I came away with two I couldn't resist, both for kitchen display.

First I found this antique 1930s tin for "Dr Johnson's Educator Crackers". The font and advertising style looks almost pharmaceutical, and despite the awful shape it's in, I couldn't resist it for the cupboard-top kitchen tin collection.

Second is a piece of delightful local ephemera. Apparently there used to be a place in a small town near my city called the Valley Inn. One of the other garage salers this morning is from the small town, and he stopped me at a later sale to ask me if I'd sell him this menu. I was happy to tell him that there was actually a second copy at the sale if he wanted to run back to get it.

This is likely going to get framed for the wall of the kitchen, though I somewhat wish there was a way to display it that would grant access to the inside menu, which is so charming.

From the clearly Art Deco style of the menu, plus the three digit phone number on the front, I would say this is probably from the 1930s as well.

It's also a charming delight to read some of the menu items on the inside. Feel free to click to see larger. I especially love the Cold Tongue Sandwich, the Stewed Prunes for dessert, the "Hamburger Sandwich", and the "Postum" listed under beverages (which I had to look up to find more info on).

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