Friday, November 11, 2011

A Thankful Month Day Eleven

Today I'm thankful for the new finds around the house.

Okay, this is mostly just an excuse to show you some of the newest finds around the house.

Our non-Halloween Autumnal mantel.

Featuring a set of three apothecary jars I picked up at my favorite spot. (nuts, moss, and pine cones inside)

Another hurricane glass mom picked up at a garage sale, filled with more pine cones.

A pared down version of our vase flowers (I like this better now) with an Irish language house blessing.

The newest acquisition for the house: a very heavy solid oak side table for the couch. Note the lovely cut scrollwork on the ends.

Atop it is a solid and also heavy wrought iron candelabra picked up at a positively wonderful antique and salvage barn sale I attended last Saturday with my mom and my friend Sarah. It was the sort of event where items were artistically displayed, and the prices were clearly set by someone who knew how to make a profit, but I still think I bought this candelabra for a pretty good deal. I stood there for a while debating between this or a gorgeous old hand colored portrait in a huge decrepit frame.

The indoor plants are starting to take over. We keep getting more of them! I am trying to cut myself off...

Now that Halloween is over, the artwork in the four frames above the television are filled with prints of Mucha's Four Seasons. A nice default filler for when there is no specific holiday to display.

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