Friday, November 4, 2011

A Thankful Month, Day Four

Today I am thankful for the beauty of the past. I feel blessed to live in a time period where there are such wonderful modern technologies and luxuries. Simultaneously, however, I have thousands of years of human history and the beauty contained therein that I can celebrate and enjoy through creative, costume, decorating, theme-parties, and so on. I feel so thankful to be able to go into an antique shop or flea market and find beautiful pieces of furniture, clothing, and ephemera, and to know that these pieces were made with quality and have a patina of history on them. I am rarely tempted by furniture or decor from modern sources. Even if they try to make them look like historic pieces, they just don't have that same history. I'd rather take a cabinet with a few crooked shelves and water marks from being used over a modern piece that is immaculate but was made in a factory.

On any given day, I can wake up and decide to dress like a vampiric drama queen, a bohemian gypsy, a medieval princess, or a flapper girl, and as long as I keep it within a certain level of non-costumeyness, it is perfectly acceptable in our society. I love living in a time with such freedom to be creative and express what one loves. For me, one of those things I love to express is my love for the past.

My favorite eras are medieval, Victorian, Victorian Medieval (meaning...the romanticized view they had of the earlier period), and the 20th century from 1900 up to 1950, especially Art Nouveau and WWII era style. What are yours?

(Photographer credits clockwise from upper left: Tuttle Images, Tuttle Images, Lotus Moon, Fan the Flame)

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