Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wall Arranging via Computer

Yet again, Paint Shop Pro has come in handy for home decorating. I had a collection of framed images I wanted to put on this wall in the Dreaming Room, but I wasn't sure how to put them all together in an aesthetically pleasing way. So I laid them all out against the wall and took a picture:
Then I cut out each image as a different layer, and moved them around the blank wall in different arrangements. I tried about five different ones, but this one was my favorite, and Tom agreed:
Then it was only a matter of using the image as a reference, and hanging all the pictures in reality!
At the far left in this picture, you can see the gothic arch shelf we bought recently at my favorite local antique and craft mall. The smallest oval shaped frames have antique images of the exquisitely beautiful early silent film actress, Maude Fealy. In my opinion she's one of the most beautiful women to ever live. The bottom right image was from a recent photoshoot, and the photographer, Silent Shudder, gave me a beautiful 8x10 of the image. And I'm absolutely elated to have found room finally now for The Lady of Shalott. It just didn't quite seem like home without her on the wall, and she'd been leaning against this wall since we moved in.

I still hope to paint this room green eventually, but I just couldn't wait to get more art on the walls.


  1. It looks beautiful, Grace - and what a clever idea! This space will look even more gorgeous green, too.

  2. Hey, you took the words right out of my mouth...fingers.... Brilliant idea, indeed!! And I always enjoy seeing all your gorgeous additions to MY room. ;)