Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hallway Wallpaper

I've finally found it, folks...the perfect wallpaper for the upstairs hallway. 

As you may know, I've done some painting of the rooms in the upstairs of our house over the last year.  The bathroom is now a dusky purple, the Dreaming Room is green, and the bedroom is a golden warm color known as "Peanut Butter."  I've long thought that it would be wonderful if I could paper our small upstairs hallway in a wallpaper that would bring the colors of all three rooms together.  But I really wanted something Art Nouveau, Voysey, or Morris.

Tonight, I found the perfect wallpaper.  It's a gorgeous rendition of Golden Lily by William Morris. 

 Want proof?  Check it out....Click to see this perfect wallpaper closer and how it matches the room colors.

Okay, so it's not cheap either.  But it exists!!!  And ohhh it's just so perfect....


  1. Oh that is beautiful wallpaper. It would indeed go perfectly in your house!