Thursday, January 24, 2013

Two, Two Princesses! Ahh ahh ahh.

Well the second princess is up on the wall.  At this rate I might get them all finished in ten years instead of a hundred.  ;)  As usual, click on pictures to see them much larger.

A closer shot:

Another shot of the wall in context:

Even closer now....

I hate taking photos with flash, but it gives a different look at the figures:

So how about it?  Do you want me to keep sharing progress as I complete each princess, or wait until I'm done with the templates for one big post?


  1. Keep sharing please! They are so beautiful!!

  2. is that one me? kekekeke
    They are looking gorgeous, my love! Are the colors going to be the same? I think I'd fade them in a bit and give them a little glow, too. Unless you wanted them to stand out more? I guess it just depends on your intent! Obviously I know they're on posterboard, so they'll blend better when they're painted in, but who wants to mess with them after they're actually painted on the wall!?
    I'm so excited to see your progress! Please keep posting!

  3. on second thought, maybe they're already perfect....
    or maybe glowy sparklies along their trail....
    ...maybe i should talk to you about this in real life instead. LOL. /facepalm