Sunday, January 27, 2013

Princesses 3 and 4: Delphina and Julia

I couldn't resist buying sunflowers this morning from the grocery store for $3.50.  Aren't they cheery in the front window?

I also sat staring at a photo of the dining room last night, deliberating what all still should be done in there.  I think replacing the chandelier I've never liked will be my reward for getting all the princesses painted.'ll be a while, but at least it'll happen eventually ;)  But I also thought the tops of the corner cabinets could use "something."  I love the way dried sedum looks like miniature trees, and have used it in a craft in the past.  I think it looks nice among the trees painted on the walls.

Oh yes, and then there's also this, the real reason for another blog post ;)  Two more princesses.

My goal for most weeks is going to be to complete 3 princesses.  I figure that way I can get the cut-outs done in four weeks.  But Princess Julia and Princess Delphina are twins, connected visually as well as at-heart, and I had to create them together.

I mean, think about it...Twelve Dancing Princesses...for it to work out logistically, you have to at LEAST have a pair or two of twins...

I completed the ladies while the sun was still up today, hence the better quality images!

Yes, that is a Chimera photo-bomb.  He's tucked warmly in the dining room corner until the weather gets warm enough again not to damage him.

Princess Delphina, thus named because Tom suggested she looked like a young Julie Delpy.

Princess Julia, named for the same reason.

Even in their bespelled and sleepwalking state, they reach for each other.

Finally, a shot of me with the four princesses so far.

I'm really enjoying this project, far more than my fears whispered to me I would.  I hope this enjoyment lasts well into the painting stage as well.


  1. Gorgeous, and I'm so proud of you for transcending your fears and drawing, Grace! <3

  2. I think you need to read some of the great 12 Dancing Princesses retellings that are floating around these days... you know... for inspiration! ;)

  3. Shveta, thank you! I'm trying to focus on the small picture (take it one step at a time) instead of getting intimidated by the larger picture.

    Rich, I agree, especially since I'm hoping to write a novella of my own version in March!

  4. Just realised you had this blog! Have been commenting on your project on facebook. Love this, the shade of blue is so dreamy and you are very talented. I struggle to draw a straight (or a crooked)line. Minerva ~