Saturday, February 2, 2013

2 Year Anniversary

Today (well, Friday Feb 1, technically it's now Saturday since YouTube takes *forever* to upload videos) is the two year anniversary of our first night spent in our new home at Catty-Corner Cottage!  And to celebrate, a special treat...

First of all, a look back.  This is a sampling of photos of the house before we moved in:

And now a special treat.  I now present...a virtual tour of Catty-Corner Cottage through 3 short videos:


  1. Grace, your home is so beautiful, and such an extension of you. Truly lovely. Happy anniversary, Catty Corner Cottage!

  2. We have been in out house almost - no - 10 years, and havent done a thing compared to you! Huzzah! (Is it wrong I kept picturing MY artwork and where it should hang in your house? Ha. Ha.

  3. Oh Grace...beautiful like I knew it would be! Love the Queen waving in the kitchen window:) Your attention to detail is amazing. Thanks for the shout out too! Love finding "stuff" for you.

  4. Oh, this is just breathtaking! What an inspiration! We've been in the same house for 16 years (although only owned it for 8) and haven't done a thing. Still furnished in what I like to call "early poverty", lol...

    Thanks so much for the tour, and quite possibly a little motivation!

  5. What a magical world you have created for your family. It's lovely. There is a book I remember about a man who stepped into a painting, and your cottage reminds me of that. You have stepped into a painting, only it's the whole house! Thank you for posting these. So inspiring.

  6. Mags, thank you so much! I love your aesthetic taste, so your compliment means much.

    Jennifer, not wrong at all! And in many cases, I bet the art is pretty similar ;)

    Cheryl, isn't she fun? I had her on my Amazon wish list for ages, but when I found out they had her for sale at Target, I snatched one up.

    Carolee, I love that term, "early poverty!" In fairness, most of the furniture in our house was just took time and a lot of searching to find. Craigslist is *amazing* for finding unique things. My best buy on there was our tree bed for $160. !!!

    Melinda, what a wonderful and creative compliment!! Since art and enchantment are so important to me, that's a perfect way to put the goal of our house :)

  7. You have done a beautiful job Grace, and I can see it is all done with love. I really like your tunnel of trees drawing in the bubble glass frame above the tree bed. Perfect. Wishing you many more years of creativity within your cottage!

  8. Thank you for sharing Grace. Your home is so lovely. I especially like all the different spaces and angles, nooks and corners, which inspire so much creativity. (Fairy tale forest dining! The Niroot/Aladdin bathroom! And I adore that you have space/made space for geekdom and your husband's favorite things too.) I imagine you would never tire of decorating (and re-decorating) with so many possibilities. <3
    We lost our home three years ago (like so many other families did) and one of my dearest wishes is that we will own again and will be able to decorate/renovate again to our hearts content. Your sharing has encouraged me to dream again, instead of being discouraged by past loss, so thank you so much. Being a fairy tale focused person (who needs to also find the courage to get back to her blog) I'm particularly looking forward to hearing you share on your love of "The Shoes that Were Danced To Pieces" (aka the Twelve Dancing Princesses).
    Thank you again - and happy home anniversary.

  9. Queen, thank you! I was so thrilled when my lovely contact at Dresden Junkshun set aside that frame for me, and I knew just what to draw to put inside ;)

    InkGypsy, your message is perhaps the most encouraging and touching I've ever received on this blog. I am so glad if I have in any way given you encouragement and hope toward your creating a sanctuary of your own again after such loss.