Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have a sickness.

Maybe some of you have it too.

It has no official name that I know of, but I call it Housedecoratingobsessiveitis.

Symptoms may include

-watching videos of a house tour you recorded a couple of weeks ago on repeat with volume on mute (because who wants to listen to their own voice?) to see if the rooms flow well together and to brainstorm new ideas for decorating. 

-saying things like "I'm not sure the color story of my rooms flow quite well enough together.  Perhaps I need a little more of the main color of this room showing up in details of the adjacent room to help the flow."

-asking your mom to expertly tea-stain a Union Jack tea towel just because the crisp red-white-and-blue colors didn't quite go well enough in your antique-y kitchen theme.

Also, you might notice a slightly different look around the blog.  I changed out the header, as really although we are first-time home owners, we've been here two years now, so we're not *quite* "new" anymore.  I also got so tired of tiny images on the blog, so I moved all of the side bar items (blogger's bio, archive of past posts) to the bottom of the page, and widened the margins to allow for larger images.  So look!  Oooh bigger prettier images, hooray!!!  Let me know what you think of the new format!


  1. Decorating + creating is an addictive form of self expression, certain. But when you live in a teeny tiny cottage such as mine it is self limiting. Like the new margins and LOVE the background - is it a William Morris or Liberty?
    Minerva ~

  2. Love your new format and especially the Morris cat background. I also love your cupboards!

  3. Hi Minerva! Oh I agree that size an be a challenge can't it?

    It's a Voysey design, from Trustworth Studios, and ohhh how I wish I could afford the real wallpaper!! ;)

    Lady Hawthorne, thank you! Me too!