Friday, February 8, 2013

Seven Princesses

Seven princesses all around me...
Seven princesses in my house

See I was drawing when I woke up this morning
I'll be drawing when the day is done...

--If you know what song I'm parodying there, kudos to you!

Well I didn't want to drive anyone away by posting constantly with every new princess I put on the wall.  Last week, I was very bad and took a break for seven whole days from touching this project.  It was just too cold to resist the urge after work each night to curl up on the couch under a blanket with tea, purring cat, and husband.  But this week I've done much better, and have three more completed princesses, bringing me to a total of seven.

The first princess is Princess Petra.

And here I am starting on a new wall with the next two princesses!

Princess Edith was so named because something about her reminds me of Lady Edith Crawley.

The seventh princess, completed just this afternoon, is unnamed as of yet, but Tom hasn't come home from work yet...we'll see if he has an idea.

It's coming along, slow but sure!  Over halfway there now!

I have to take this opportunity at the mid-point of this phase of the project to give my thanks to all the women on Deviantart who offer stock images for art reference.  Without their lovely inspiration, this project would possibly never have gotten off the ground.


  1. A really wonderful idea! Sometimes it is okay to take a step away from the artwork, so we come back refreshed and perhaps see what we are doing in a new light.

  2. Wow, so so so pretty. Are you going to do something else to the princesses, paint them or something, or are they staying the way they are? They're so sensitively drawn and elegant.

  3. So very true, Queen's Table! Thank you for the reminder! :)

    Grace, they will indeed be directly painted onto the walls. This stage of the process is just to make "rough drafts" of them to ensure proper placement and relative proportions...I'd hate to lose track of the right size for them, and end up with the princesses on one side of the room twice as big as the other! ;) Thank you!