Thursday, April 4, 2013

Early Spring Productivity

Tom and I took today off work to be at home while we were getting our house professionally power washed.  You might remember the major road construction we had all late summer and fall last left our house dusty and filthy, and we have been eager for spring, and our booked date with the local pressure washing company, to arrive. 

Not only did the siding on the house turn out squeaky clean, but the guys also pressure washed our front stoop and sidewalk, and its never looked better.  That part almost excited me more than the clean siding!

This is a decent shot to show how dirty the siding was before.  Sure, our house is white, but it doesn't look so white against the snow...

And here's a good "before" shot of the sidewalk and front stoop.

Now look at it!

Ahhh, the house breathes a nice clean sigh of relief.

Also unless you're a huge fan of "spot the differences" pictures, you might not have noticed, but we finally got our missing chimney cap replaced.  I hadn't even noticed it was missing, to be honest with you, until a neighbor pointed it out to us last year. 

Finally while we were stuck inside today waiting for the house washing to be done, I got a little project finished that has been on my list.  You remember my front entry design around the archway:

I doodled up an idea in Paintshop that would connect the three designs together into one large one.  It was a simple addition, but I think it finishes off the entire thing.

Tomorrow Chimera (the gargoyle above) is going back outside for the garden's year.  We brought him inside during the harsh winter weather.  I'm not sure if Corvin will miss him or be relieved. 


  1. Wow, that little addition made a huge difference to the archway. Good job.

    I'm kind of a fan of weathered and grungy stone and cement, so I kind of liked it before the power wash... but it does look very tidy now. :D

  2. This makes me wish my entry way was bigger. I don't have room for any furniture except an antique chair. This is lovely!

  3. Thank you Grace! I agree about the difference and I'm glad you think so!

    I know, too, what you mean by weathered stone,but with the new sidewalk poured in the very front, the two walkways blend better together.

    Deborah, I bet your entry is welcoming!